Our Five Star Plus Values






Is doing the right things and doing things right the first time! Efficiency is the optimum output of each leader in relations to time, money and energy! It is the ability to maximize savings and create surplus while outputting quality and timely products and projects. It is reducing waste and increasing productivity.


 Always seek out the simplest way to accomplish a task or project without compromising the quality.

Continually look for the most affordable way to provide a quality service or event, including securing donations.

Always involve only pertinent people in the process of accomplishing our goals.

Always communicate to everyone who is a part of or who will be affected by the service, event, or meeting.

Continually search for ways to make doing ministry with us easier.

Always strive to eliminate bureaucracy and red tape to make getting important things done easier.

Always respect and value each other’s time.

Continually invest in our infrastructure and anything that can make us better as an organization.

Always strive to know our ministry best, for we should never need a consultant to come in and teach us our ministry!




It is the mental disposition of everyone in the organization that produces a magnetism that draws people from the outside and drives people on the inside. It is our constant display of enthusiasm, passion, focus, participation, interaction, and non-verbal communication that says to everyone that this is a winning organization with valuable ministry tools that meet the needs of both internal and external customers


Always maintain a positive and upbeat spirit at all times.

Always exude excitement about the task at hand.

Always contribute ideas and suggestions during meetings and planning sessions.

Always compel others to participate in the meeting, project or event.

In all your getting, always get an understanding.

Always be willing to assist someone in need.

Always communicate with the membership.




Is solving problems and providing timely solutions. It is delivering a quality product that satisfies the needs of the customer and financial demands of the organization. It is delivering on time products, we are never late!


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Execution Cont'd


Always ensure that assignments are done before their deadline—not on the deadline!

Always ensure that details about an assignment are clarified the day the assignment is given or in enough time to ensure a quality outcome—don’t claim to be confused the day the assignment is due.

Always ensure that everyone that is involved in the project is contacted every step of the way to ensure that each piece is completed on time.

Never make excuses for the quality of or lack of completion of projects.

Always raise time issues upon the delegation of a project; if the time window for completion is unrealistic, raise the issue immediately!

Always ensure that operations are fast and simple; don’t make things so complicated, and don’t be stunted by the paralysis of analysis!

Continuously communicate your progress with your leaders and ask for input if needed.

Never forget to say thank you!

Economic Sense


It is the focus on profitability. We cut cost and increase quality. We must have provisions in order to maintain the vision. We negotiate the best prices; we reduce fixed costs, and cut marginal costs while increasing profits!


Always ensure that an event or project is financially feasible.

Always establish a reasonable budget for an event or project.

Always submit budgets well in advance of when the funds will be needed.

Always be prepared to demonstrate the profitability of an event or meeting in light of the financial investment.

Always review the history of similar projects, meetings, etc., to learn from past financial blunders so that they will not be repeated.

Always generate funds by becoming resourceful and creative.

Consistently cut waste relentlessly.


And ThePlus!

Evangelism and Discipleship


This value is the foundation of all the values. It is the value of the importance of human relationships. It is our total commitment to pleasing and servicing both our internal and external customer. Customer/Member service is a key component in maintaining our customer/member base. Thus we serve with a smile, we please with passion, we engage with focus, and provide solutions with pleasure.


Always ensure that you maintain your devotional life.

Always be involved in sharing your faith on a weekly basis with someone who is not a Christian.

Always either be involved in winning someone to Christ or discipling someone in Christ.

Always have visitors attending the worship services.

Continually esteem and honor our children and youth by participating in children and youth events and activities.